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Founded by two optimists wishing to change the world with a smile, is a brand of refillable bathroom products: a shower gel and a hand foaming gel in dissolving sticks, a toothpaste in chewable tablets and a deodorant in recharge. 900 is the average number of seconds we spend taking care of ourselves every morning and every evening. Convinced that these 900 seconds should be as joyful as they are respectful of the environment, they create products that are good for you and for the planet. The products are available on our eshop Join the Happy Change movement!
Abyssale was founded on the belief that modern marketing & advertising creative production should be painless, accessible, collaborative, and transparent. So we developed a creative automation solution that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to scale. We believe images are worth a thousand words and the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, and colleagues. With the ever-growing amount of creative assets that need to be published, teams waste time working on these tedious and repetitive tasks when they could be focusing their efforts on strategic projects instead. We’re here to fix that.
Acquire App is an online shopping platform transforming e-commerce by creating an unforgettable checkout. Acquire App's innovative, beautifully designed platform does it all, providing retailers with a powerful tool to attract and retain customers, and giving end-users an easy, streamlined shopping experience. Their mission is to empower online merchants of all sizes with an elevated checkout solution. It was founded in 2020 and is based in San Francisco, California, United States, and Montreal, Canada.
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Alma is a provider of installment-based payments through a large merchant network. It let customers pay in installments or later online or in-store.
Astrachain is a decentralized data storage and collaboration software for anything valuable and confidential. Astrachain provides companies with an efficient solution against cyber-attacks while taking advantage of the performance of major cloud players. Astrachain engages in encryption and fragmentation of information and distributes data across several different cloud services making it difficult for malicious entities to collect and use the data.
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Audion is an adtech company that develops proprietary technology to automate, customize and measure digital audio advertising. Our products are used by leading medias and podcasters on behalf of the world’s most iconic brands.
Des accessoires pour animaux résistants, solidaires & fun made in Paris.
Bitstack's mission is to empower people to build better saving habits in a more open financial world. Bitstack rounds up your purchases and saves the spare change in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a radically new way to store and transact value. It is the first open and borderless monetary network with a fixed supply of 21 million, making Bitcoin the most scarce asset ever.
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Bnext is the first Financial Supermarket, a bank created by millennials and for millennials.
Good dairy products, healthy, animal-free and environmentally friendly. We are a French biotechnology company that uses precision fermentation to produce real dairy products, accessible to everyone. Based on this innovation initiated by Louis Pasteur, we offer alternative solutions to continue consuming dairy products while taking care of ourselves, our animals and our planet. is a direct-to-consumer online brand offering high quality bed linens manufactured in France at an affordable price.