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馃尡(Internship) Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, November 17, 2023

(Internship) Software Engineer

About us

Reflect is a people analytics solution.

Our mission

HR tech and people analytics are booming! Last year, more than 200 million dollars were raised by people analytics startups. A new world raises: HR is no longer an administrative or talent management role but a strategic one. To be competitive, companies need to offer a great place to work, career paths, challenging roles, modern management, exceptional recruitment, etc. However, it is a challenge for companies to have a clear and unified vision of their workforce: data is fragmented across a litany of HR tools, and each one has a different data model. Companies need data to make better people and organizational decisions and drive their people strategy. Our mission: create a unique source of truth for HR data.

Our team

We are a complementary team of two cofounders: Baptiste, the CTO and, L茅opold, the CEO. We met at Theodo and previously cofounded another startup together (DUNK).

Our product

Reflect is an analytics solution that integrates multiple HR systems to give a unique source of truth of employees' data to help companies make better people decisions.

Our values

馃寫 Ambition: we love people who challenge the status quo. Learn fast and break the rules!
馃挜 Ownership: at Reflect, people have an impact. Be humble in victory, and be resilient in failure.
馃 Transparency: we are building a company based on trust. Know the good & the bad news.

Your mission

We are looking for a strong full-stack (Back + Front) Software Engineer willing to join us in our mission to build the future of HR.
You will be the first Software engineer in the team working closely with the most creative CTO in the place, Baptiste Jan.
This is an exciting mission: you will build a product from (almost) scratch, you will ship in production every week, features that directly impact our clients, and you will be part of the product roadmap strategy.

What you'll do

Within your first week, you will:
Understand Reflect's tech infrastructure at a very high level.
Deploy your first Pull Request to the production. We move fast!
Within your first month, you will:
Participate in roadmapping and architecture discussions
Work with talented, ambitious engineers in a highly-collaborative team
Collaborate with our CEO and CTO to deliver a low/medium-sized project
Participate actively in PR Reviews
At three months, you'll be fully ramped! You will:
Lead a complex feature to deployment and drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our users
Identify, evaluate, and define improvements to the existing infrastructure and product
Go above and beyond to deliver a project which is outside of your expertise
Lead a training session on the topic of your choice :)

Our stack

Typescript, Nest.js, Vue.js, GraphQL, Docker

Your background

You understand the discipline and craft of software development, you invest in learning and tooling, and you insist on technical excellence from yourself and your teammates.
You understand how to build systems that enable fast product iteration. You鈥檙e comfortable weighing trade-offs between functionality, quality, and technical debt.
BONUS: You like to challenge the product, and the design.

Your key attributes

You鈥檙e intellectually curious, and intellectually humble. You鈥檙e not afraid to say, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know - but I鈥檒l figure it out.鈥
You never say 鈥渢hat鈥檚 not my job鈥: you take full ownership and responsibility over outcomes.
You make everyone else on the team better. Your presence, positivity, and drive inspires others to step up their game.
You鈥檙e constantly improving. You know there鈥檚 no such thing as perfection, but you鈥檙e a hard worker and you鈥檙e always pushing yourself (and our company) to be better than you were yesterday.
You鈥檙e just good: You鈥檙e honest, transparent, smart, open to giving/receiving feedback, and focused on doing right for the company and doing right for the customer

Our interview process

Intro Call [30min]: the process begins with a call with our CEO, L茅opold. The goal is to understand your motivations and talk about Reflect. You can ask any questions you want.
Live Fit Interview [1 hour]: this in-person interview consists of 2 parts:
40min: Culture Fit / Background (tip: we use the 5 Whys strategy)
20min: Questions about Reflect 鈫 it鈥檚 your turn to interview us
Technical interview [1 hour]: this in-person interview consists of 2 parts:
30min: Code review 鈫 you make comments on a Pull Request written in JS
30min: Pair programming 鈫 code and talk a new feature together with the CTO
If you succeed in the last step, we make you a physical proposal.

Perks and benefits

Compensation: 1200鈧/month + benefits (Swile鈥)
Start date: from September 2023. The internship will be a mix of remote and on our premises at Agoranov 96bis Bd Raspail, 75006 Paris.